vineri, 25 ianuarie 2013

Tezaur numismatic chinezesc

Au descoperit, recent, si chinezii un tezaur monetar. 3500 kg de monede antice. Iata inceputul realatarii preluate de pe blogul trecut ca sursa unde veti vedea si o imagine terifianta din timpul descoperirii. 
"On Sunday, archaeologists have excavated about 3,500kg of ancient coins in China's Inner Mongolia Region. Most of these coins were in prevalence during the Han Dynasty (202 BC - 220 AD).
According to Lian Jilin, a researcher with the regional Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, the coins were found in three millennia-old coin pits in the ancient town of Huoluochaideng after police cracked three theft cases."

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